March 8th – BioCreativity Group Presentations

Today, each of class groups gave our BioCreativity group presentations.

Our Group went first with our Biocreativity project on Denticle Coatings. This inspiration came from the microbial inhibiting characteristics of shark skin, or specifically the denticles of the shark’s skin.  Here is the front and back of a trifold flyer / brochure we made for the project (instead of giving a powerpoint presentation).

For a larger PDF version of this flyer, you can download it from HERE.

To view and download our written proposal in PDF form, please click HERE.

The Chameleonwear group went next that consisted of Deb, Tamlin and Ana.   Their project was biologically inspired from the characteristics of a chameleon.  The approach they were taking is that the color of clothing would be altered due to intensity from the sun….lighter in sunlight, darker in shade.  Here’s a picture of the group during their presentation:

Next up was Team CAT (Brett, Meredith and Terrence) which had a biologically inspired idea for “cat” claws that come out of radial car tires during slippage due to ice.  Furthermore, the tires would actually collect energy during rotation and contact with the surface which would be used to expel these claws during slippage.  I really liked this idea and it actually sounded somewhat feasible.  The group put on a little skit that was well done and entertaining as well.  This really broke up the monotony of a powerpoint approach.  Here’s a shot of the group during their presentation:

For Next Class (Thursday):
- “Group Genius”, Chapters 8-11 discussion.  I have one more chapter to go before Thursday and I need to update my Book Notes about the rest of the chapters (in the top menu). 

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